Subject: On a tangent...
Posted on: 2020-11-12 23:01:43 UTC

Specifically, one about PPC AUs that never really got past scribbled ideas: I once came up with not an in-universe AU...but rather an answer to the question, "what if author!Jay and Acacia began the PPC a couple decades earlier as a fanzine thing?" IIRC, I got as far as a couple paragraphs laying out the history, plus probably some further general ideas. It's in a notebook somewhere. Said notebook is almost definitely not in the same country as I am. (I've checked: the older notebook I have with me is from 2017. It's definitely not the right one. I'm pretty sure this was a 2013 or 2014 AU, maybe 2015 at the latest.)

So yeah, that was a thing! I wish I could share it in more detail, but I don't remember very much more, apart from that I think the bit I wrote was a sort of description of how they started it, and a bit about how new writers joining in might have worked (probably pretty easy to extrapolate).

~Z, who does not, in fact, have personal experience of fanzines, but at one point learned enough to think up this AU in enough detail not to immediately fall apart

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