Subject: Do they watch you sleep? (augh imagine that in strikethrough. I can't seem to get it working)
Posted on: 2021-02-02 09:24:44 UTC

Do they sparkle in the sunlight? Oh! Are they very strong and incredibly fast? Do they /gasp/ look seventeen and claim to have been that way for a while?

...actually, please don't eat Oreos that may or may not be seventeen years old. That sounds like a gross and not too great idea. You could totally eat seventeen Oreos, though! (Not necessarily in one sitting; preferences and results might vary. Personally, I expect I'd wind up with a sugar high.)

Listen, you can't open with a Twilight reference and expect me not to jump in with a joke or three :D

Glad you're enjoying the Oreos; those ones do sound pretty good! Doubt I can acquire some easily (and based on the last Oreos I ate, they'd probably taste very sugary to me anyway), but they're fun to hear about all the same.

~Z, nomming a virtual Oreo and hopefully not somehow getting a virtual sugar high from it

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