Subject: Short answer: elbow grease.
Posted on: 2021-02-07 17:50:55 UTC

Speaking as someone who used to make cookies entirely by hand before I was lucky enough to be gifted a stand-mixer, you can pulverize, mash, churn, knead, beat, or whip any food you like without the aid of electronic gadgets... if you have the stamina for it. Or someone to take over when you get tired, at least. {= )

So, if the people in question had cream, they could probably make cream soup. You'd have to look into whether it was worth the time and energy in a person's social class to determine if they would.

For more inspiration and information, I quite like the YouTube channel Tasting History with Max Miller. He refers to real ancient recipes, discusses how they would have been made and by whom at the time they were written, and also how to prepare them with the tools and ingredients we have available now. Also, he's a charming guy, and it's fun to see which Pokémon plushie he puts in the background of each video. ^_^


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