Subject: Are those the "hot dogs" that are sometimes crusted in diced potato?
Posted on: 2021-02-05 04:49:26 UTC

I first learned about those from randomly watching a YouTube video about Korean street foods. This video, actually. It has a lot of "oddly satisfying" qualities. However, no English captions, so my husband and I also had fun trying to figure out exactly what they were making and what the ingredients were. {= ) For instance, the grassy-looking substance in the first bit. Not sure if that's a sort of green onion, or maybe sea grass? It shows up again in a later segment featuring a woman running a soup shop, who happens to remind us of my mother-in-law.

Anyway, I ended up Googling "Korean corn dog," since that's what it looks like to an American, and thus learned about the astonishing deep-fried cheese and/or meat on a stick dipped in batter and rolled in potato. It sounds amazing, and also like an instant heart attack. ^_^

What seems to be a dessert that looks like a giant waffle filled with whipped cream and perhaps chocolate, too. I dunno how you even approach the eating of one of those!

I think we correctly identified the fancy mochi, at least...


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