Subject: Okay, proper reply to the question this time
Posted on: 2021-02-09 13:48:23 UTC

From my own studying of PPC writing and my own experience with treating badfics in general, I'd call the style of humor expressed in PPC stories boke-tsukkomi comedy (or roughly "wise guy-straight man"), a type of comedy that centers around a duo with one half who says/does stupid things (the boke) and the other half who humorously reacts by snarking, loudly correcting, or straight-up delivering slapstick (the tsukkomi). PPC stories are full of boke-tsukkomi interactions – whether it's the badfics' and/or Sues' being told off by agents, agents' telling off one another, or even the third-person narrator's telling off everything in the story – and this kind of dynamic provides characterization contrast, which is clearly common in PPC stories, so I try to write my agents and stories to reflect that (one with less controlled behavior and speech, and snark in the narration).

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