Subject: Well... yeah. :-/
Posted on: 2021-02-12 08:50:49 UTC

Out of interest I did a rough scour of the last 2 pages of the Board, which takes us back to Christmas. Out of 454 posts, the top posters are:

  • Ki no Shirayuki: 117
  • Neshomeh: 78
  • Midnight: 55
  • Huinesoron: 41
  • Thoth: 21
  • Tomash: 17
  • Kittyauthor: 14
  • Zingenmir: 9

After which we're into a bunch of 8s, including Sergio, who's officially left.

Not that PGs have to be primarily active on the Board! Makari, DML, and even Doc Filth way back were all primarily chat-denizens. But the fact that Ki no Shirayuki's request sat for four days before anyone responded - and wound up in my hands, Nienna save us all - suggests that the chat-oriented PGs are either no longer checking the Board, or too busy with [gestures at All The Everything] to comment (or that the chat is just as quiet as the Board, which I hope is not true).

Which, again, is fine! People are allowed to have lives that aren't the PPC. But it means people seeking Permission wind up with a bit of a wait, and then wind up with... me. ^_~


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