Subject: I feel somewhat similarly...
Posted on: 2021-02-17 15:21:50 UTC

... but not all the time. My engagement with the PPC Board tends to run in cycles:

1/ This is nice.

2/ This is quieter than it used to be.


4/ Come up with some scheme to flood the place with posts.

5/ Get tired.

6/ Loop back to 1 or 2 as necessary.

Currently very much a 5, shading towards 2.

Concerning Tudors: I may well take you up on that offer in the future. For the nonce, someone pointed out that Book One should be an entire book, and someone else (me) realised that the bulk of the story it should be telling was skipped over in the last five chapters. So I'm currently back at the plotting stage, and eventually will take Elizabeth up to 50/60K. That's the point at which I'll need to start weirding out the experts. :)

(And I'm still learning along the way...! Just the other day I ran into the fact that, right in the middle of Elizabeth's latter storyline, Philip the Handsome and his wife - Catalina's sister - were shipwrecked in England. Henry VII wasn't terribly nice to them; Warbeck and Warwick will be much more so.)


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