Subject: Okay, interesting.
Posted on: 2021-02-10 17:04:47 UTC

I think you're right, as far as it goes, but I would put more emphasis on the two agents acting together as a single tsukkomi. The classic PPC banter is when the agents react together to the badfic's increasingly ridiculous ways - not by directly addressing any Suvians who happen to be about, but by snarking to (not at) each other. There's an "us against the world" mentality which your description doesn't really capture. Most agent teams do not include one 'snarking, loudly correcting, or straight-up delivering slapstick' at the other all the time, because they're supposed to be a team.

You also talk about the narrator snarking at the characters, which does happen, but I think it's fairly rare. More common - and arguably the distinctive PPC humour - is the narration taking the badfic literally at its word. A Suvian who 'walked back' to somewhere they'd not actually been might be seen, by the agents and the reader, to be moonwalking. The narration would just state this as deadpan fact, leaving any reaction up to the agents. That sort of thing is really what sets the PPC apart from MSTs - using your writing to show (not tell) the ways the badfic is messing things up.

I can't really tell from either your samples or your answer whether you're thinking of that kind of humour or not - it's outside the scope of what you've written (this is why I've always wanted to shift to 'write a mission and we'll Permit it if it fits in,' but they tell me no ^_~). Any thoughts?


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