Subject: I'm here!
Posted on: 2021-02-12 15:21:31 UTC

And in the top posters, even if just barely? Nice :)

Anyway. I'm around and even checking the Board...relatively frequently, actually! I'm just currently generally lacking that combination of time/energy/focus necessary for frequent/sustained posting, and even more so the version of that which would enable me to read a request and do the write-up and all that. I suppose I could've posted something along the lines of "I'm not currently available to look at this, sorry, and no, I don't think that'll change quickly enough to be relevant to your Permission request", but, uh, that struck me as a little cruel. No need to get a notification that a PG has posted and then have it turn out to be "nope, sorry, can't do it, good luck", right?

(But yeah, I'm afraid it's pretty unlikely I'll weigh in here. Sorry! Best of luck :) )

For what it's worth, I think Thoth knows his stuff pretty well by now? And has been around for a good few years, if memory serves me, which for all I know it may not? Pretty sure it's at least 3+ years, though. So, if we're looking to maybe add a new PG from the current top posters, he could potentially be a good choice?

~Z, surprisingly tired but having Arranged Good Things. Which...have nothing much to do with this but are an Accomplishment and will be Good.

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