Subject: Lurkgrace gonna lurk, I guess
Posted on: 2021-02-14 14:08:25 UTC

I haven't really been feeling very talkative lately, at least not on the Board. No excuse though - this is the PPC, and I'm an oldbie now. Officially. I got my Secret Terrifying Oldbie Agenda in the post this morning. That means, to me at least, I should be posting interesting stuff for people to talk about to spur Board discussion. It's not an opinion I expect anyone to share necessarily, but I still feel kinda bad about that.

Also, while I'm here: hS, I have yet to marshal and organise my thoughts on The Thing You Sent Me, but I'm getting there. If you like, I can ask my mum if she knows any Tudor specialists who could help with the counterfactual history bits to make it more true to life. =]

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