Subject: Too low on spoons for a proper reply, but—I loved it.
Posted on: 2021-04-25 23:10:03 UTC

I missed seeing these two in action. Great stuff as always, and I left you some kudos over on AO3. :) Gall's blunt abrasiveness and telling Derik to pull his head out of his butt seemed like the sort of pep talk he needed to get him through his crisis of identity. chef's kiss

(I can't help but note the similarity between Ix getting possessed by an inner wolf and the [spoiler] that happened here—which IIRC Derik did hear about in another Halloween RP—so now I'm just kind of quietly amused at yet another mirror instance between them, considering he and Ix have had a few tumultuous interactions before.)

And yes, I did go back and look for the little clues. Loved it. :)

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