Subject: That means a lot to me. ^_^
Posted on: 2021-04-28 01:55:10 UTC

I strive to "omit needless words" and make sure there's a reason for everything I put in a story to be there, so it's really nice to hear that it's paying off. Thank you so much.

Ha, I almost wish I'd thought of dropping Erika into the actual Masque of the Red Death; it's a great idea and probably would have satisfied both agents, too. But, well, yeah. {= )

Re. spoilers: Well, it sort of is! Just somewhat different causes. And no, I don't think Derik would mind getting banned from the continuum at all. (Which is why it won't happen.)

More spoilers and some rambling:

Totes legit spoiler: Derik has had Wrackspurts this whole time! It explains everything! {= O

Also I blame you for making me have a dream with Donkey in it last night. ^_~


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