Subject: I think I'd start earlier in his timeline.
Posted on: 2021-04-28 17:21:47 UTC

Specifically, his time in the Persian court. By the time he ended up there, he already had a reputation as a magician/sorcerer, IIRC. In a crossover, maybe he's witnessed some real magic previously and come to track it down, or maybe someone in the Wizarding World notices him while he's there and ends up drawing him in, either way. Rewriting that bit of the story would be an opportunity to fix the underlying racism from the original and the Kay novel, and also to expand on an untouched part of the Wizarding World and on one of the coolest and most underappreciated characters in PotO (the Daroga). I am in no way qualified to write this, but I'd sure love to see it.

Once Erik is in the Wizarding World, witness a Muggle revolutionize magic on a purely theoretical basis through sheer brilliance. USA and possibly Britain panic; everyone else laughs at them. Beauxbatons (or maybe the hypothetical school that serves the Middle East?) becomes the world's preeminent school of magic with a truly stellar music program. {= D


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