Subject: Yay! Mission!
Posted on: 2021-04-27 01:31:21 UTC

(Apologies if I come off as a bit nonsensical. I just finished my project that my teacher also literally pushed the due date back on. Two minutes after I had finished it. Oh well, free extra credit.)

Very good, as usually. The cool CSS trick kinda fudged with me a little bit (the words went out of the box a little, but I fixed it by turning the phone sideways) but I liked the story, as always.

I was kinda missing your work a little bit enough to reread the mission over "Bloody Raining Night" hehe so I'm glad there was a new mission that I can reread to death.

But yay!

kA, who needs to learn to stop writing missions while their other mission still needs beta-ing.

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