Subject: re: mission
Posted on: 2021-04-27 02:28:01 UTC

This is more of a general observation of all your recent stories, rather than this one in particular, but you do a really good job of fitting as many jokes and references into each mission as you can, but you also do it in very few words, such that it doesn't turn into tangents that distract from the action and make the timing between agent banter and fic narration feel fuzzy. Your footnote section helps this, since it allows for deeper explanation of things without slowing the narrative down. I'm trying to say you're just really smart about how you pick what words and jokes to use. My favorite in this one was Gall assuming the "Red Death" was the dragon species from her home world, and reacting accordingly. It makes perfect sense for Gall to make that assumption, but her reaction stays realistic without taking too long. (As for me, I was gunning for the agents to drop Erika into Prince Prospero's party, but I guess that would have been less satisfying for Spoiler.

And speaking of the spoiler, Spoiler

Ah, only in the PPC could the question of whether Wrackspurts exist become such a practical topic. If they are indeed real, the PPC is probably quite overrun with them by now, after so many decades of Harry Potter missions getting looted. So at least the violin is in good company? If it's infested. If Wrackspurts are real. >_>

—doctorlit, Wrackspurt agnostic

P.S. It's embarrassing, because I don't usually think in memes, but on reading the line, "Dumbledore, who’d started a roll-call of students participating in the costume contest, reached Erika’s name, and the doors flew open on cue," all i could hear was ♪SomeBODy once told me . . .♪

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