Subject: Read; enjoyed; disjointed comments ahead.
Posted on: 2021-04-28 15:23:52 UTC

I don't... actually think I've seen an in media res mission start before. Huh. It works really well here, so well done?

"I have a small nose" - oh you poor deformed monstrosity how will you bear it.

It's really fascinating to watch Derik and his completely lopsided worldview nevertheless craft a consistent response to the badfic.

"She may, technically, have sounded like an angel, but only because some angels were mind-bending horrors." ^_^

"the stunt with Fellrazer in Beleriand" - [hides face in shame]

The perfectly-played Python reference shortly thereafter appeals to me immensely.

One catch: Derik says “It’s an insult! An insult to everything that makes Erik’s story tragic and poignant!”, but you earlier established "the Phantom of the Opera (Erik, though Derik never referred to him by the name they’d once shared)"


Y'know, in my head I'm really articulate and can write excellent reviews; but in practice I just devolve into random stream-of-consciousness notes. Huh.


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