Subject: 1 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-01-17 03:44:51 UTC

I woke up with a big white fuzzball next to my face.

It took a while for me to remember the strange events that occurred yeesterday--killer wolves, shape-shifting, magic… and Luna.

I prodded the fuzzball. "Luna?"

A head emerged from the ball of fur. For the first time, I took note of Luna's eyes. They were silver, like moonlight. No wonder her name was Luna.

Luna blinked. "I'm trying to sleeep."

I shook her. "Who are you, exactly? How can you talk?"

"Well," replied Luna, "I am thee alpha wolf of the Omega Pack. And I can talk because the Omega Pack is special. Its members get varying amounts of human traits, depending on their ranking. Since I'm the alpha, I can talk and heal, but not that much."

"Healing is not a human trait. Well, it is, but we can't really heal others."


"No! If we could magically heal others, then we wouldn't die of malaria or Ebola or whatever!"

Luna sat down on her haunches. "Well, it's still early. You need more rest."

She licked my face (gross), and I fell back asleep. How did she do that?

When I woke up again, Luna was gone. In her place was a Luna-shaped indentation in the grass and a note scratched on a piece of bark: OFF TO HUNT! I'LL BE BACK SOON! MEANWHILE, I'VE ASSIGNED A GUARDIAN TO YOU.

Hmm, wonder what that meant.

I sat up and looked around, checking if Luna was back yet. She wasn't. There was also no sign of the guardian that Luna had mentioned.

Maybe the guardian was off hunting. Maybe they had forgotten about their duties. Or maybe the guardian had went to a wolf-themed disco party instead of coming here to watch over me. Who knows.

A few minutes later, Luna returned, carrying a dead rabbit in her mouth. She set it down in front of me. I'd rather not talk about the blood.

"Where's the guardian?" Luna asked. "Why isn't he here?"

"Look," I said. "I don't even know who this guardian is."

Luna paused for a moment. "You have a point. How can you find someone if you don't know anything about them?"

"Are you avoiding the topic on purpose?"

"No!" cried Luna. "I mean… his name is Ythakor. I assigned him to protect you."

I thought about the grey wolf that had saved my life. "Is he about half the height of a horse, with grey fur?"

"So you do know him after all!"

"No, but he did save my life." I told Luna about the big black wolf that had tried to kill me, and the grey furry rescuer that had likely died.

"Impossible," Luna said. "Ythakor is our best warrior. He could take down ten angry bulls and leave unscathed."

I wasn't sure if ten angry bulls were as strong as a fierce horse-sized wolf, but I decided not to mention that.

"And as for the black wolf…" Luna shivered. "His name is--well, we just call him the Shadow. He's really strong. But not as strong as ten bulls," she added.

I had a feeling that Luna had said that just to reassure herself.

"Are you in love with Ythakor?" I asked.

"No! Don't you want to eat this rabbit? It'll rot if we don't eat it soon."

"There is no way I'm letting this subject drop!"

We argued back and forth until the whole thing deteriorated into a halfhearted poking contest.

Oh, and we also ended up eating the rabbit, too. I managed to start a fire and cooked the rabbit meat, but Luna preferred it raw. After a not-that-hearty meal, we settled down and went to sleep.

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