Subject: 6 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-01-30 01:48:19 UTC

[Oh, gag me with a spork. I typed up the entirety of the chapter here and posted it, but it didn't save, so I have to retype the whole thing. Darn Laws of Narrative Comedy… I don't like it when I'm the one being targeted!]

[At least I found my notebook. It was hiding under my bed. I have no idea how it got there.]

[To mitigate a potential kerfluffle like the one that just happened, I'll post half the chapter first, then edit the post to include the rest of it. I'll do the same with subsequent chapters.]

A wolf appeared right in front of us. His fur was a dark grey with hints of red.

"Grimpaw." Einia sounded determined, although her voice trembled a bit. "I thought that you were supposed to be spying on the falcons."

"They assigned someone else to that job, silly." Grimpaw chuckled. "And besides, those falcons aare harmless."

"No, not those falcons," replied Einia, still with that slight tremble in her voice. "The ones from the Aether Circle."

Grimpaw counterattacked with, "I meant those falcons."

"How do you know that the falcons of the Aether Circle are harmless?"

"They have a secret alliance with the large cats, and we're allied with the large cats. Hence, in a way, we're allied with the falcons."

Einia turned to me. "Everything's weird these days, see? Ythakor has probably been kidnapped. Luna is gone. The falcons are allied with the big cats. Grimpaw just said hence."

Grimpaw blinked. "You're right. I mean Einia, not the shifter. Ythakor and Luna are both gone. I just said hence."

"I have a question," I said.

"Feel free to ask," replied Einia.

"Well, if Luna is gone, who runs the pack?"

"Oh." Einia paused for a moment as if thinking. "No one knows. Only Luna and the temporary leader knows. We suspect that it's Luna's adopted son, Shadowhunter. Black fur with gold flecks, gold eyes with black flecks. Weird, right? Shadowhunter is nervous and fidgety. Luna likes to call him her 'little moonbeam'."

"How old is Shadowhunter?" I asked.

"A few years old, perhaps," said Einia. "I heard a rumour that Luna wants to have actual pups, though. Actual sons and daughters."

"Why didn't she tell me?" I wondered.

"The alpha would probaly be humiliated if she told you about that," was Einia's reply.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" interjected Grimpaw suddenly. "How come you two get all the fun, and I just sit here doing nothing? It's boring over here."

"Oh, of course you can join in," Einia scolded. The trembling in her voice had vanished. "Why didn't you?"

"I thought that I couldn't!"

"Of course you can--" Einia stopped. "Did you hear that?"

We all went silent.

High above us, there was a thump, followed by a musical clatter. The sound of metal against metal.

Anotther thump, another clatter. Louder this time.

Thump and clatter. Thump and clatter.

At this point, small rocks started to rain from the ceiling.

Grimpaw looked grim. (Don't laugh.) He extended a claw, and sliced my rope binding. I stood up and rubbed my sore wrists, flexed my arms.

"Follow me and Einia," Grimpaw said. "No time for celebrations."

He turned and fled down one of the tunnels, with Einia following. After a split second of decision, I did the wise thing, and followed them.

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