Subject: 14 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-02-23 04:00:10 UTC

We were back in the giant cave.

Einia annd Grimpaw were playing chess. Quickflash was telling stories about legendary falcon warriors to the little wolf pups, and his guards were trying to catch fish in the lake (despite the fact that falcons are meant to catch birds in flight, not fish).

"You just fell for the Fishing Pole Trap," said Grimpaw. "Checkmate."

"Aaargh," Einia replied. "I suck at chess! Hmm, did you hear about the new chess variant, quantum chess? I'll probably beat you at it, because I am way better at quantum physics than you, Grimpaw! Ha ha!"

Meanwhile: "And then Blazespeed dove into the monster's mouth, and then the monster exploded!" (Talk about weird myths.)

Meanwhile: "The fish are so slippery!" protested one of the guards. "I wish that I was an eagle."

"Don't say that, Greatwings," said the other guard. "If you were an eagle, you couldn't have joined the Aether Circle. Isn't guarding Quickflash your life-long dream?"

"Yeah, I know. But we have to follow him around all the time, Preycatcher. Ooh, is that a crab over there? It looks really weird--pretty sure that normal crabs don't look like that.

Several dozen wolves--all the Omega Pack members--were engaged in some sort of activity. Some were catching fish (more successfully than the falcons). Some were chatting. Some were playing board games. Some of them were even gambling.

I looked around to make sure that no one was watching. Then I decided to explore the cave.

It was a while later before I realized that I wasn't wearing my earring.

Yet curiosity drove me on, even though I was probably walking toward certain death.

Then I saw her.

A wolf completely encased in ice, eyes round balls of horror, fur on her back standing straight up. Her mouth was open in a scream.

I also noticed a dozen other frozen wolves. Most were in the same position as the she-wolf, as if trying to escape something terrible. Three were in a fighting stance--back hair up, lips curled back in a snarl, claws lashing out. There was even a wolf pup, grinning as if there was nothing in the world to worry about.

As I kept going, I saw more and more statues, scattered about. My neck and back broke into cold sweat.

Then, out of nowhere, a white-and-blue menace flew down from above.

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