Subject: 9 - LUNA
Posted on: 2023-02-04 21:31:11 UTC

I told Ythakor about the dream.

"Hmm," he said. "The voice… probably Drakor. No one except himself knows what he's capable of. Apparently visiting dreams is one of them."

I also asked Mark about it.

"Well," he said, "Drakor, I heard, can read minds--they say that you can only block it if you have eaten a rock other than salt. He can also move solid objects with his mind, which sounds weird. And apparently he can visit people in their dreams."

I asked, "What does he look like? Has anyone seen him?"

"Let's see." Mark thought for a moment. "They say that Drakor is of immense proportions. He can squish you as easily as you would squish an ant. They also say that his scales are blacker than jet. No one knows what color his eyes are--they say that whoever looks at Drakor's eyes die instantly."

Great. I had made an enemy out of a dragon who had killer eyes. Hooray.

After a couple of days, Flareon had told us that she was going to ask us more questions in a couple of days.

That was when me and Ythakor hatched a daring escape plan.

Whenever we ate the venison, we cast the bones into a pile by the wall. Now the pile was rather large.

I discussed my escape plan to Ythakor--dig a tunnel behind the pile of bones, then slip away whenever we had a chance. In order to escape arousing suspicion, we would dig under cover of darkness, and the extra dirt would be scattered around the large pit--no one wouls notice.

We started digging as soon as the sun set. We dug a hole just wide enough so that we could fit, and our tunnel was slanted upwards a bit. When it got close to dawn, we got the dirt and scattered it around the pit, and covered up the entrance with the bones.

After that we took shifts working, me working from dusk to midnight, and Ythakor would work from midnight to dawn.

Eventually, Flareon asked me some more questions, and I answered with some lies. Mark continued to tell is things about dragons.

Several days later, the tunnel opened up in a location that I knew about--the Greenston Clearing. It wasn't that large, but it was close to the Omega Pack's secret entrance.

We planned our escape to be the next night.

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