Subject: 10 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-02-07 01:06:53 UTC

A couple of days later, we went back up. I was retied in the cave, and given food and water. So much for being freed.

Eventually, I was freed, but I was told not to attemp to escape, and that I shouldn't try to hurt anyone, especially not the pups.

That last bit was rather obvious.

In fact, I made friends with them. They were a playful bunch, as playful as human children, in fact. The pups played as if they could do so forever.

A while later, Shadowhunter burst into the playroom and said, "Luna had returned!"

I decided to follow him to see Luna for myself.

Luna and Ythakor were in the entrance cave.

A small crowd of wolves already surrounded them, swarming with questions. Luna answered them as best as she could--probably.

Behind the wolves, a small dagger floated around, which I found weird, but I decided to head over to Luna first.

"Luna!" I said. I tackled her in a bear hug.

"Whoa!" Luna grinned, and hugged me back. "So you did find the Pack after all!"

I told Luna about my adventures, and she told me about hers. She talked about dragons and talking daggers. Apparently her adventure was more exciting than mine--I was rather jealous.

I also got to actually meet Ythakor, and Mark the flying dagger. (That was weird.)

Right then, I was so happy, I had no idea of the hardships to come. No idea.

That night, we had a feast.

Prey of every kind filled the table. There was beef, pork, andd chicken stolen from farms, venison and rabbit from the hunters, and even some fish from the fishers.

We ate, drank water from goblets, and chatted, basically. All the meat was raw, but someone had cooked a bunch of meat, specifically for me. Wolves know more about humans than humans know about wolves, apparently.

The wolves ate and ate until they couldn't eat any more. I also ate until I was full.

The only catch was that there wasn't any dessert, which I found weird, especially for wolves with human traits.

After the feast, we went to bed. I was sent to a small but cozy room that was for guests that came to the Pack every now and then.

I settled down into the bed, and tossed andd turned a little, before I fell asleep.

(I)A dragon, blacker than jet and larger than a mountain, flying out of a ravine.

A snow-white dragon with feathery wings and silver eyes leading a small army of griffins, hippogriffs, birds of prey, and wolves against a great sea of black demons.

Unicorns and pegasi being chased away from their homes by wicked spirits, draining the lives of those they catch up with.

And Jen with a spear through her chest, her eyes already going blank.(I)

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