Subject: 12 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-02-12 03:34:13 UTC

I was outside with Luna.

Luna was trying to teach me how to hunt, despite the fact that I was horrible at it.

I was already in the form of a wolf. Already two rabbits and a mouse had slipped underneath my paws.

"Aaagh! I will never get it!" I cried.

Luna was giggling. "Practice makes perfect!"

Eventually, I caught a tiny mouse. I couldn't bear to kill it, so I let it go.

"You'l be a horrrible hunter," Luna said, "if you release your prey all the time."

After a while, we went indoors, and I resumed my human form.

Surprisingly, several dozen of the Omega Pack's wolves were running around in the entrance hall.

"Shadowhunter is gone!" cried one of them.

"He's the spy! He'll spill our location, and the dragons will come and destroy us all!" shouted another.

Amidst the confusion, Quickflash flew over.

"I knew it," he hissed. "Shadowhunter is the mole."

Luna had a shocked expression on her face.

"Shadow? No way!"

"Yes way," said Quickflash. "I found him suspicious from the very beginning."

"We have to find him before he gets to the dragons," I interjected. "He shouldn't be very far. We'll find him."

Shadowwhunter is already at the ravine.

A voice, that of a thousand snakes, hisses, "You have the prisoner?"

Shadowhunter lowers his head. He brings forth a large bag that writhes and struggles.

"Let me go!" cries the wolf from within. "You will rue the day that you did this!"

"Yes," replies Shadow.

"Good," hisses the voice. "Bring the wolf doown. And call me milord from now on."

"Yes, milord." Shadow shoves the bag and its contents into the dark ravine.

The voice chuckles. "And now, tell me where these… Omega Caves are, servant."

Shadow gulpes. "One of the caves are directly underneath the Blue Clearing--the one near the Greenston Clearing."

"And now," says the voice, "for my payment."

An amulet flies up from the inky blackness, and lands right in front of Shadow. The amulet, having a gold chain, has a black dragon symbol hammered onto a gold plating.

"Now leave," says the voice.

"Yes, milord."

Shadow picks up the amulet.

Flareon flies elegantly through the sky, carring a lump of venison in her talons.

She arrives at the prisoner pit, only to find it empty.

Flareon roars with anger. Several goblin guards with lumpy spears run up to her, and Flareon swivels her head to glare at them.


The lead goblin of the small guard, Grobu, bows to the crimson-red dragon and says, "I'm sorry, O Great Dragon, but--"

Flareon lunges forward, faster than a striking snake, and bites poor Grobu's head off. The remaining goblins, about a dozen or so of them, go paler than chalk and steps away from Grobu's headless body.

"Next time you lot disobey me," Flareon hisses, "I will roast you all alive."

She picks up the hunk of venison that she had dropped, devoured it, and soared away.

Flareon is headed for the ravine.

She thinks, Where are the prisoners? Master Drakor will not be pleased.

She changes directory andd heads over to the Greenston Clearing.

Flareon leans down and senses the earth.

She thinks, "Now I know where the wolves are."

She heads over to the nearby Blue Clearing.

Flareon starts digging with her talons.

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