Subject: 8 - JEN
Posted on: 2023-02-02 06:18:57 UTC

Einia led the way, running at full speed, with Grimwolf following close behind. I trailed at the back.

I had no idea where we were headed--some sort of shelter, perhaps. I wasn't sure.

The tunnel twisted and wound through the earth, like a large serpent. The tunnel was wide at first, but it narrowed. Eventually we came to a section in which the tunnel suddenly twisted into a steep slide. Without hesitation, we jumped through.

The slide-tunnel, as I like to put it, was so long that I spent about two minutes in it, until it slowly evened out and deposited us into a deep underground lake.

I gasped for air, kicking my legs furiously. (I) No, I CANNOT escape giant killer wolves and dragons just to drown in an underground lake. No way is it going to happen. (I)

Somehow, I had found the shore and climbed out, followed by my 'buddies', Grimwolf and Einia. We were in a vast underground cave, with a ceiling so high up that I couldn't see the top, even though there were practically glowworms everywhere.

The cave was also huge in volumn--apparently the lake was at one of its walls, if I can put it that way. I couldn't see how far it extended out.

Oh, and did I mention thay it was damp, but warm?

So apparently we were really deep underground. But how deep?

I decided not to ask that question, because I was aware of all the rock on top of my head. And what if it all came crashing down?

That would be bad.

Real bad.

Ahead of us, a couple dozen wolves milled around, having gotten here first. They varied in fur color, eye color, height, and the way that their body was sculpted.

A wolf strolled over to us.

"Hello!" he said. "My name is Shadowhunter, in case you were wondering."

Einia had described him perfectly--black fur with gold flecks, gold eyes with black flecks. I noticed that he tapped his paws on the ground when he spoke, and despite his smile, his eyes flicked from side to side.

"It's Einia annd Grimpaw," said Grimpaw.

"And I'm Jen. Nice to meet you," I said.

"You should join us over here," said Shadowhunter. "You three are missing out om all the fun."

He promply ran away.

"Well." I glanced at Einia and Grimpaw. "What are you waiting for?"

A couple of the wolves were playing cards. Two were playing chess. Several of the pups played hide-and-seek among some off the large rocks jutting out of the ground, and the rest of them listened to a story being told by one of the oldest-looking wolves I'd ever seen, with a limping posture and tired eyes.

Grimpaw and Einia had busied themselves in a game in which they took turns scattering bones. I had no idea jow it worked, but I was too scared to ask--especially with those bones.

Eventually, I went exploring.

The cave was so large ans so high up thay there was plenty of room to explore.

The section that I was in probably accounted for less than one tenth of the actual cave, including the lake.

I scooped up a glowworm, and started off.

What was out there?

A small patting noise.

"Please don't go out there." Shadowhunter sounded desperate. "Wolves have gone out, and they never come back. If you want to walk, stay near this section."

I wondered what had happened to the wolves.

What had made them disappear?

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