Subject: re: ch. 10: Harry Potter and the Best School Party Ever
Posted on: 2023-09-07 13:38:35 UTC

I’m skipping straight to the best part: I adore the party scene in the Room of Hidden Things! I love all of the Hogwarts houses partying together, largely forgetting the Harry vs. Cedric rivalry, and just. Everyone rooting for the school, together. Draco and the twins working together! A Slytherin accepting that Luna has a good point! It’s so lovely! I want more scenes like this! “Hidden Things,” though? Did the room get used for hiding things so much that everyone knows it publicly as that version of the room now, so no one thinks about needing anything else, and the room is prevented from changing shape?

The dragon escapes! But not for a gratuitous action sequence, like the film did, but with an actual connection to this year’s plot: because I’m sure Skeeter’s tabloid instincts are actually correct this time. It’s kind of cool that Crouch Jr. gets to be a little more proactive about going after Harry in this timeline, since Gaunt just wants him dead instead of a duel. It helps make the tournament itself feel less like an “excuse plot,” as it was in the original series.

YES French house-elves are hardcore YES. Of course they would be! The French are the best at that! You’d better listen to your elves, Antoine! Or should I say, W-ant-ed oine thing too many and didn’t know how to ask politely, so no all his house-elves are in the front yard with picket signs? Also love the boxing match story used as cover for Rose, not that she’s going to buy Harry punching out a huge dude, but still funny!

I sense this is a stupid question even as I ask it, but: the first task is being broadcast to the UK, France, and Bulgaria, the countries of the three participating schools, of course, and also . . . Norway? Why Norway specifically?

—doctorlit, casting “Accio elf unions! . . . and also human unions? Please?”

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