Subject: The Room of Requirement really is an odd place.
Posted on: 2023-09-08 00:28:35 UTC

It's called primarily the Room of Hidden Things because that's what people need from it most of the time. Only a few students know that it can change its shape, I think. But I'm still developing who knows what about the room in 5th year. The Marauders didn't know about it (since it's not on the Map in the books), so I imagine that the room was "discovered" in between theirs and Harry's eras. Fred and George are probably likely to figure out that it can change shape depending on your needs, though.

Luna frequently makes good points, it's just that she covers it in a thin veneer of bullshit, haha. If you pay attention to some of her lines, you might notice that she predicts the big bad each year! (Astoria's wrackspurts=grief, Ministry Atrium bombing being an inside job, the Umgubular Slashkilter stalking Harry...)

Yes! The dragon has a reason to escape this time! And French house-elves take no shit! There is magic in a union, Dobby~

Durmstrang is located in the far north, while Bulgaria... isn't. I didn't want to put Durmstrang in Russia, given that there's already a Russian magic school, so I decided to put it in Svalbard, Norway instead. Hence the Task being spellcast to Norway (and Bulgaria because Krum is Bulgarian). There were hints of it earlier with some of Viktor's coterie having Scandinavian names and Camilla Storstrand (Miss Cam, you might even say) taking a Norwegian dish from the Gryffindor table.

~Lily is excited for hot labour... fall!

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