Subject: re: ch 12 Draco Malfoy and the Ever-Evolving Worldview
Posted on: 2023-09-17 18:30:33 UTC

I kind of love the scene where the Slytherin boys are all helping each other preen up for the Yule Ball? Because even though they only care about their looks because they’ve had classist standards of appearance trained into them, it’s still kind of charming to see them helping each other out like that. Degenerate Muggle boys would be too scared of “looking gay” to do that! I also love that, in trying to restore his drained magic, Draco has settled on the counter-cultural solution of “I’ll just grow my hair out long like a woman!” Ah, the options that open up when we aren’t bound to arbitrary social rules about gender and appearance! Speaking of terrible social rules, uuuuuuuh, “he would still be in the clear with his parents to do his duty in two years’ time.” I knew the marriage was arranged, but like. Age 16?! The Malfoys and Greengrasses are seriously planning to marry the kids the second they turn 16!!?!?? Still students and everything!?!??!?!?!? picks up entire culture and dumps it into trash bin

Man, say what awful things you will about Pansy, she really knows how to make herself the imposing centerpiece of the Slytherin common room. Is she actually interested in Ginny, though? Never saw that coming! Pansy also taught me a new word there, “swotty.” I was REAL scared to look it up though, because a Pureblood Slytherin calling Hermione an unfamiliar word is usually pretty bad vibes, but I guess Hermione would agree with that one!

Congratulations, Neville’s dress robes actually sound like something I would want to wear as long as I can wear it with flip-flops, of course. And I love that he’s Fleur’s date to Yule; she’s made quite a catch! (I had to look up who she had gone with in canon; I definitely don’t remember “Roger Davies” existing at all.) And, and, and . . . The Weird Sisters wanted to play an ABBA song, while Beauxbatons was visiting from France, but they didn’t pick “Voulez-Vouz?” D : Shameful!


Loving all those orchestral song covers you linked! I also love, “Draco could practically hear the cauldron stirring in his head,” as a wizard equivalent of the “gears turning in their head” idiom. Fantastic!

“. . . which also happened to be a question also on Draco’s mind at the moment . . .”
Also, an extra “also,” also!

—also, doctorlit also

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