Subject: re: ch. 11: Harry Potter and the Intimidating Human Interaction
Posted on: 2023-09-12 01:07:15 UTC

Aw, it would have been nice reading Rose (and Gary!) attending the ball! But Dumbledore does have a point . . . then again, without the parents around, I do feel like the Muggles would be safe with the other students? As long as they weren’t alone too long? >_> Oh, also, perfect Dumbledore line here: “We could . . . and then we would have to live with the consequences.” Extreme 10/10 Dumbledore, good job!

You almost got me to overlook that beetle! I’m so used to finding spiders and moths stuck inside at work (and I just pulled a shiny figeater beetle out of the black-and-white ruffed lemur’s room last week!), I’m like, “Ah yes, a beetle has wandered into Dumbledore’s office. It’s probably not the point of this scene, but if I were there, I would be catching that beetle and releasing it outside . . .” But that’s not a beetle, THAT’S NOT A BEETLE! And I suspect the resulting article will be more accurate and truthful than usual, because “Dumbledore and Potter were discussing breaking the Statute of Secrecy” is already pretty bad on paper!

And I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I still love how normalized homosexual relationships are in this universe, and how everyone in Gryffindor is excited by Seamus and Dean going to the ball together.

—doctorlit will totally get around to reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin any decade here

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