Subject: Hey, can you blame me?
Posted on: 2023-09-27 12:40:34 UTC

If this drought doesn't end soon, the Colorado River, and the hydroelectric dams it powers, have a life span in the double-digit years left. But don't worry: we're still using more water on crops to feed livestock than on crops to feed people! Oh, and we're watering all the golf courses of course; can't just ruin the rich boomers' game over a water shortage, after all! Can you imagine if old white people had to play a game on fake grass?! That would be so disrespectful to them!

Ooooooooh, I assumed Skeeter had observed the same interaction with Bagman and the goblins that Harry, Ron and Draco had. Woops!

—doctorlit, daydreaming of golf courses getting reclaimed by nature (after all, golf has always been a javelina's game, amirite?)

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