Subject: *kzzt*-ories! Bring us your PPC stor-*kzzt*
Posted on: 2015-10-01 11:15:00 UTC

*kzzt*-iechtenstein ruffians, you can't stop the sig-*kzzt*

*kzzt*-alling all fanficcers! Calling all fa-*kzzt*

*kzzt*-nit, support@fanficworld, get me a sign-*kzzt*

*kzzt* *kzzt* *kzz-* -ter? Is that better? Testing, testing, one, two, pi and a half...

Right, we're on. Helloooooooo, fans of the PPC! We here at fanficWorld have been waiting eagerly to hear more of your stories, but... er... we're having slight issues with the servers at the moment. I'm afraid the forces of Imperial Liechtenstein have found us again.

Be not afraid: the fight is going well, and we will certainly win out against the oppressors in due course. But for the time being, things are going to be... a little slow.

But don't let that stop you! Go forth and write all your PPC fanfiction, right here, right now! And may-

-what? Support@fanficworld, did you say someth-

Oh, right. DIE, LIECHTENSTEIN SC-*kzzt*

Or, in other words... welcome to the PPC Badfic Game 2015.

What is this? This is the thread where we let our inner badfic writers have free rein. All PPC stories are technically fanfics of the Original Series - but they're all goodfics. That's clearly unreasonable - most fanfic of anything is terrible. So this is your chance to write the baddest of the badfics. Go nuts!

Who can I write about? Any agents in the PPC are open for you to mutilate. There's a Creativity Shield around ffW, so everything here is emphatically uncanon. The only exception is that, if someone asks in this thread that their agents not be used, please honour that. I can't imagine why you would, but the offer's there.

Where do I post? In this thread, please. As you can see, fanficWorld itself won't be involved in this year's game - I don't have the energy for archiving right now.

What name should I post under? You should come up with the badficauthorest name you can, of course! Take a look at some of our previous examples.

What sort of story should I write? A bad one! Obviously. But also one that's fun to read. Illegible ultra-typo stories are a bit boring after the first one, y'know?

Can I leave reviews? Emphatically yes - that's half the fun of the game! But do remember to leave them in character - and equally, remember that the flames you receive are not real flames. They're a game. Don't get upset.

Do I need a beta? Hahahahahahahaha. Don't be ridiculous. ^-^ What sort of badfic writer has a beta?

Do I need Permission? Again, what sort of badfic writer asks permission? (No. No you don't)

Why are we doing this? Because it's fun!


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