Subject: Other methods include...
Posted on: 2021-01-04 04:11:08 UTC

  • Therapy. Many agents have willingly reformed themselves with the aid of FicPsych, including certain members of FicPsych!
  • Medication. Logicillin may prove useful. Anti-Lustin may also be used if the agent isn't a full-blown Suvian.
    -- There actually was an idea for glitter dialysis bopping around for a while years ago, but I don't think there's an actual published source for it (besides an offhand mention in one of my own missions). Obviously it would be impractical as a means of permanent de-Suification; perhaps, like real hemodialysis, it must be done periodically to maintain a suitable glitter level.
  • Monitoring. The DIA may require particularly high-risk cases to wear a Sue-tracking anklet, either temporarily or permanently. This can be a tad humiliating and runs the risk of encouraging angst, but it has the benefit of providing the agent in question immediate feedback if they start to glitter, get OP, emit Aura of Smooth, etc.
  • Community support. It's tough to be an ex-Suvian in Headquarters. At least one informal Sue Support Group has been known to exist. It's possible that FicPsych has since adopted the idea and started a formal one.

Any of these may be use separately or in combination, depending on the individual case (i.e., what makes the most entertaining story).

Also, I must note that claiming a character has been instantly cured of Suedom without doing any actual work to improve himself would be, ironically, pretty Sueish. Definitely take his powers away if that's the story you want to tell, but remember that Suedom is far more about the execution of a trait or ability than the thing itself. {= )


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