Subject: Options, options.
Posted on: 2021-01-11 08:43:03 UTC

1: What they clearly aren't is simply OOC. As you say, they have no character to start with! That sets them apart even from silent protagonists (the PCs in Pokemon games, for instance, have traits such as "likes fighting with Pokemon").

2: They also can't be simple Suvians, a la Prince Handsomethighs or whatever the common name is. They're still very tenuous canon characters, not strictly OC inventions.

3: So are they possessed - the actual canon character taken over by a Suvian spirit, similar to Slash spirits?

4: Or are they replaced by a Suvian facsimile, with the real character stuffed in a plothole or off getting drunk or whatever?

I think the answer would depend on how OOC they are. If they still broadly follow their game role - running an army or whatnot - they sound more likely to be possessed (or even, potentially, just OOC, if it's still the focus of their character!). If they've gone completely off-piste - perhaps they're flirting with their subordinates while the war is being lost - then they've been replaced, because they only had one thing and it's been taken from them.

But also: whatever works best for the person writing the mission. ^_~


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