Subject: I'm never wrong!
Posted on: 2021-01-08 15:32:12 UTC

You're wrong, you wrong person! You don't even exist anyway, so of course you're wrong! Everyone here uses swords - two swords at a time! Some of them are MADE of swords! Just the other day a sword came in and spoke to me - SPOKE to me! I swear by my own partner's grave, it's all swords, all the time!

Good evening, Peter, it's time for your- oh heavens, who let Piper have a console? You all know that sets him off!

It was the swords, I tell you! THE SWORDS!

I'm sure it was, Peter; I'll have a word with Agent Backslash later. Now come on, give me the console... that's right...


((Peter Piper has been ensconced in FicPsych since 2018. He doesn't seem to be improving much. ~hS))

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