Subject: Aw heck, we're citing the DIO now?
Posted on: 2021-01-08 09:49:44 UTC

Given his eventual ending, Peter Piper might not be the most reliable of sources...

All right, more kindly: his concern was with Suvian agents. Given that Suvians come from fanfic, and PPC fanfic was inspired by Jay and Acacia's mission reports, it's true that his experience would include an inordinate level of swordplay. But that doesn't mean everyone can do it.

Really, though, the PPC is much less coherent than the wiki makes it look. Things happen based on what the writers think makes the story work/funny, and we impose a sense of cohesiveness after the fact. This is the organisation navigated by "it's a bit of a maze, unless you hadn't noticed" - the Rule of Funny is in full effect. ;)


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