Subject: Suelicious Non-Entity Generals
Posted on: 2021-01-11 00:09:37 UTC

What is a Non-Entity General?

Simply put, I'm talking the "neighbor" from Plants vs. Zombies, the admiral in Kantai Collection, the saniwa in Touken Ranbu – player characters that have no identity, no characterization, no appearance, no dialogue, but actually exist in the continuity and control most of the game's actions. They are wide canvases for ficcers to fill in however they see fit (for example), so the question is: should badly written characters of this type be treated as Sues (seeing as they still exist in canon) or possessions (seeing as they have no characterization to overwrite)? This is a question that's burning in my mind for a while now, because gosh, this TouRabu fan can no longer count the number of badly written saniwa OCs.

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