Subject: "Poor thing."
Posted on: 2021-01-09 07:12:13 UTC

"Give him an extra pudding cup; one of the chocolate ones. He's had a hard day." —Jenni

My new FicPsych headcanon is that pudding cups are one of the few things they can reliably keep in stock, because it's just one of those weird little multiversal certainties, isn't it? Hospitals and psych institutions serve pudding cups; It Is Known. But chocolate is Better and therefore Scarce, so it must be reserved for special occasions.

Also, I blame Immac for the console (which is a laptop in this scenario...?). I'm sure Peter sounded very reasonable while he was asking for it, though!

Also also, I wonder who regularly interacts with him? Freedenberg, probably... anyone else? Perhaps not Jenni, seeing as he probably knows and objects to her backstory? Though, OTOH, getting him to the point of being okay with her could be part of his rehabilitation? And, heck, he'd probably shout at any and all of them under the right circumstances, wouldn't he? I'm just curious now. ^_^


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