Subject: Aaaaand SCENE:
Posted on: 2021-01-11 13:37:38 UTC

"... returning NO MORE!"

The General's eyes had just enough time to widen before the bulky DVD case hit them right between the eyes. For an instant a light surrounded them, a purple so bright it felt more like a hole in space; then it was gone, as if it had never been.

So was the General.

"Wait, what?" Freckles stared at the game case, lying alone on the floor. "Where did they... did I just fumble an exorcism into a banishment?"

Sandra chuckled and walked over to collect the case. "Not that I'd put it past you, but I think they've just gone back where they're supposed to be."

"Which is right here!" Freckles protested. She frowned up at the Words, which were wavering as the story lost cohesion. "That's what it said, I'm sure of it."

"In the story, right." Sandra held up the game. "But in the canon?"

"Well... okay," Freckles allowed. "So where are they meant to be?"

Sandra shrugged. "Exactly," she said.

"... that wasn't very helpful."

"Neither is incarnating non-character user interfaces, but that's badfic for you."

Or something along those lines. As long as you don't accidentally incarnate God in the fic, you're probably good. :)


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