Subject: PPC+20: "Sisterhood" [Jay & Acacia] & "Time Will Tell" [Architeuthis]
Posted on: 2022-05-10 08:16:09 UTC

Yes, for the first time, we have two releases today which both still exist! Both J&A and their first great follower released missions today (or, for those just tuning in: today exactly 20 years ago. Welcome to PPC+20!)

Protectors of the Plot Continuum: Sisterhood by Jay & Acacia

"It's a Code Eighteen. Is that a fluke?" Oh yeah, I remember this mission very well. :D And yes, to my amusement and despair, I can confirm that one of the Suvians is indeed an elf from the sky: we have an MST of the first two chapters of the badfic, from which I've put the original text back together.

It sounds like the reviews to TOS were a fun place to be! There's other spinoffs in there (which naturally we now know nothing about -_-), poems, target suggestions - Jay and Acacia were really interacting with their readers, it's great. I'm sure nothing bad would ever come of it!


Intelligence Briefs for the PPC: Time Will Tell by Architeuthis

In which the Cafeteria puts in a triumphant appearance, and Archi's conclusions on her target are not quite what we've come to expect. I think the badfic is long gone though.


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