Subject: re: Time Will Tell + 20
Posted on: 2022-05-11 13:00:10 UTC

(No time for the mission this morning!)

Ah, there's Joe Bob! Still feels weird to read about good food in the cafeteria. Boy, I really forgot about the Flowers "eating" crystals. Must be some kind of chemical fertilizer? The maligning of sea life continues, however, as Architeuthis here seems to imply an octopus' tentacles aren't already surrounding their mouth. I have to assume someone who names herself after squid would know that, though; maybe she was trying to simplify the description for readers unfamiliar with that fact?

Nice to see Alice get a big cameo! Archie's attitude towards her feels a little disrespectful towards a mearh, though. I guess Agent Architeuthis is just a get-the-job-done sort? At least, knowing Alice is just about sapient, I can assume she consented to the nanites, etc. Also nice to see the PPC's first in-text approval of a goodfic! It makes sense for an Intelligence spin-off to involve some, compared to one set in an action department.


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