Subject: It's just a very big wavefunction.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 13:29:55 UTC

Think about it: two particles (dihydrogen, for example) can still be modelled as a single wave-function. I mean, they can't - we can't even model the electron orbitals for anything other than a single proton - but in theory a model is possible. Therefore, any number of particles can be modelled the same way. The PPC is just one ginormous wave-function equation of almost-infinite complexity.

I think the cat-in-box uncertainty makes it even more exciting! It wasn't that the PPC vanished - it was that it entered a state of superposition between existing and not. That must have caused massive ripples at every point it intersected - or, as the case may be, didn't intersect - a canon world, possibly leading to things like the Bridge in Suedom (coming in... October, I think).

And... the Mirror Multiverse. To abuse a few more physics concepts, various conservation laws mean that the non-existent phase of the PPC had to still exist (we're pushing towards Platonic Ideals here!). Since by the Pauli exclusion principle it couldn't exist in the same place that it didn't exist, it had to undergo quantum tunnelling through the void (or energy barrier) surrounding the multiverse. Once out beyond, y'know, everything, it underwent a parity inversion and became an anti-PPC, with - and this is important - its own history as long as the PPC's own.

Best guess is that interactions between the two multiverses created the rest of the worlds known to Multiverse Theory: the PPC and EPC are essentially a positive and negative terminal, so any interactions should carry a massive 'quantum reality charge'. Since multiversal travellers don't arrive with massive reality-altering force, the charge must be siphoned off into the Void and spawn a new multiverse each time.

hS, Master of both Chemistry and Technobabble

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