Subject: PPC+20: "Protectors of the Plot Discontinuum" [Elenya Aurelin]
Posted on: 2022-05-11 12:52:59 UTC

Another first for the PPC: the first known appearance of an alternate, or even anti-PPC!

Protectors of the Plot Discontinuum: Chapter 1 by Elenya Aurelin

On my timelines I've had this down as an alternate timeline of the EPC, the Mirror Multiverse version of the PPC, but... to be honest I think it might just be the EPC. It doesn't look like "Protectors of the Plot Discontinuum" is used as a name in the narrative, so yeah, they're just Mirror Assassins 4-6 years before Tawaki formally introduced the EPC.

Which... given what else happened today, suggests a very interesting theory on where the Mirror Multiverse came from. But more on that tomorrow, when the other half of the evidence gets here.

I'm jumping the gun slightly, but I found something cool in the reviews: both Jay and Acacia reviewed this story, separately and at different times. That's cool!


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