Subject: PPC+20: "Clan of the Cactus" 3 [mulberry] & THE TAKEDOWN
Posted on: 2022-05-11 13:12:43 UTC


Emergency! The original PPC has disappeared, as I so rudely found out this morning when I decided to re-read the last chapter. Not only that, but the author "HarpWire" is (according to "no longer an active member of".

All across FFn, we can find evidence of the great Takedown of May 11th, 2002 - the date Protectors of the Plot Continuum was unceremoniously deleted from FFn. mulberry devoted an entire chapter of their spinoff to it:

Clan of the Cactus: EMERGENCY!! by mulberry

Which has a lot of discussion in the reviews. But you can also find reviews on Protectors of the Plot Discontinuum and The enterprise expands as the PPC community let each other know what was going on. There must have been more such reviews elsewhere, but either the fics or the authors followed J&A into exile.

What happened? PFFT, do you think early-noughts FFn was in the habit of telling people? One of the reviews speculates on it being "the flamers", which suggests the PPC review section wasn't as rosy as the A/Ns might imply. Acacia, in an email coming "tomorrow", will speculate on it being "sheer volume of Suvian complaints". That certainly tracks with FFn's track record of just giving in and taking down fics that were causing a fuss.

Another possibility is that the PPC was deemed to violate the ban on interactive fiction. They'd definitely been getting more involved with their readers of late, and if the flamers saw a button they could push... (this is what happened to the original OFUDisc a couple of years later, for the record).

So here you are: waking up on May 11th (a Saturday morning!) to find that the new PPC mission you'd spotted yesterday and saved for the weekend was gone. Wiped from existence. And unless you happened to have Jay or Acacia's emails saved, there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.

It's gonna be a long 24 hours before someone steps up to help.


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