Subject: PPC+20: "Mary Sue, Sue Mary and the Broken Plot Continuum" [Nath]
Posted on: 2022-05-12 12:59:09 UTC

This is, hands down, my favourite PPC spinoff ever.

Broken Plot Continuum is the tale of what happens when a pair of fangirls discover that the PPC has been taken down from FFn, and see an opportunity to safely write themselves into Middle-earth. It is, I believe, the only PPC spinoff to show what happens if we don't do our job - spoilers, things get quite bad.

Mary Sue, Sue Mary and the Broken Plot Continuum: It Begins by Nath

(Nath signed the original Constitution, by the way; we got big names here.)

But the other thing it does is establish the Takedown as an actual in-universe event, which actually stopped the PPC from functioning. The next mission release is 10 days from now (it's Despatch), so potentially the organisation was out of action for a week or more. But what HAPPENED? How could taking down Jay and Acacia's reports lead to the whole PPC being locked up?

And, given the simultaneous release of Protectors of the Plot Discontinuum - is this connected to the creation of the Mirror Multiverse? Because it seems so plausible that the creation of an Evil PPC and the temporary fall of the Good Lawful Neutral PPC would be linked. But... how?

(Any explanation needs to take into account the fact that the Mirror Multiverse has its own history: if it was actually created at this point, it was created old.)


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