Subject: I've always wondered about the PPD.
Posted on: 2022-05-11 13:38:57 UTC

I figure this would definitely be a closer representation of a mirror PPC than the EPC turned out to be, though I can see why Tawaki went with "Suvian minions of the Sunflower Emperor" since it more closely mirrors (ha) the Star Trek mirrorverse with its Empire. It could be that in the Mirror Multiverse the Sunflower Emperor took over like the Mysterious Somebody did in the Prime Multiverse, leading to a delayed Reorganisation in 2008 for them.

At least in my take on the EPC the Mirror!DIS/White Cats did more than just oppose the Emperor; they appear to function as a Mirror Multiverse informant branch of the PPC. It might align with the PPD as well if any of the White Cats have canon-protection inclinations...

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