Subject: And here's why I never felt the need to come up with Mirror Multiverse versions of my characters...
Posted on: 2022-05-11 21:46:01 UTC

... because by flipping over Sergio and Nikki I just end up with exact expies of their already-existing evil clones, Sergey Speed and Kurara Tsukimoto. Which they already bagged during Blank Sprite. Considering that during The World Without Authors Sergio also had to take down an insane alternate timeline version of himself, making yet another evil version of him is really begging for a portal to spring up right behind me and him getting out to tell me "Gimme a break, will you?"

However, this of course means that Mirror!Sergey and Mirror!Kurara are in fact likely to be very similar to Prime!Sergio and Prime!Nikki. Which would probably mean the sane clones bagged the insane originals sometime in the Mirror Multiverse? Okay, that is something that might warrant exploration sometime...

About Corolla, well... let's say that I'm rolling with Huinesoron's PPCCUU rendition of her as latex-wearing dominatrix with an harem of her own. It's utterly ridicolous, but Corolla, prime or mirror, is about making ridicolous things work "because Corolla"!

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