Subject: A curiosity
Posted on: 2022-07-09 08:18:45 UTC

So I was trawling Ao3 this morning and came across a curiosity. I've discovered an author who has inserted the same Mary Sue into about 30 different canons (all different stories) for the express purpose of seducing the female characters.

I've not gone through any of the stories in depth yet to confirm they're bad enough to class as badfic, but it did present some interesting opportunities if they are. I considered sending my agents against the same Sue on multiple occasions, but then also wondered if it would be interesting to turn it into some form of multi spinoff Crossover. Many agent pairs dealing with the same Sue at the same time.

Like I said I need to go through the actual stories themselves, but I thought I'd throw a link in here to let people consider, and also gauge opinion. Link

Update: Having read a couple they definately count as badfic. Also it's not just seducing the female characters, the "Hybrid Hermaphroditic Vampress Goddess" managed to impregnate large swathes of female characters, as if attempting to build a mint army.

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