Subject: Incidentally, I already have a mission using this sort of mentality.
Posted on: 2022-07-09 22:54:33 UTC

I missioned the infamous Wall of Tags fic, “S*xytimes with Wangxian”, wherein their later chapters have the titular couple hopping around to other fandoms having questionably beige sex with other characters (and also certain kpop groups, but I didn’t cover that portion of it because I don’t deal with RPF). The plan in the mission was to rescue all kidnapped canons and set up a Creativity Shield so that the fic itself wouldn’t damage the rest of the multiverse. The latter didn’t happen because the fic itself got deleted during the mission, but this could also be a good candidate for seeing a Creativity Shield put into action. You could have agent teams fetching the Sue’s clones and bringing them back to her original world, and then setting up a Creativity Shield there so they can’t affect the rest of the Multiverse.

Incidentally, if you go with that approach, you would also thematically line up with the “League of Mary Sue Factories doing cloning experiments” idea that I’ve been playing with in my stuff. So that could be an interesting addition to the lore, if Marcella is treated like a Suvian with a clone army set out to mess with the rest of the Multiverse.

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