Subject: So, here's my two cents. (Trying to keep it SFW)
Posted on: 2022-07-09 15:36:06 UTC

I'm going to read just one of them to get an idea of what we're dealing with (the Inspector Gadget one. It will likely cause me to scream "My childhood!", but that's also the canon I'm most familiar with of this huge pile of trainwrecks) but here's some things I will get out of my chest that are regardless of the actual level of Glaurungness of this huge pile of fics:

On one hand, this provides the setup for an interesting group effort in crossovering spinoffs and doing collaborations. Have a set of newish Agents get assigned their first Marcella, but get support from a more experienced set that already bagged a couple of them has a great narrative potential.On PPC storytelling and worldbuilding potential, this is a goldmine

However, on the IRL side of things, there is a problem. A group of people, from a community often maligned as trying to be the Fandom Police, targeting several fics from a single author. It's basically walking on a minefield, one wrong move and we'll be in the center of big internet drama as "these bullies who decided this one poor guy had to be mass attacked and mercilessly ridiculed!"... well, any PPC missions has a chance of sparking controversy and it did happen in the past, but this has, let's say, a higher chance of the explosion being big,

So, I believe there should be a good bit of thinking done before we decide if we should use it as a "PPC Special Operation" setting or not.

Anyway, let's pick apart the Inspector Gadget one, shall we? It's on the shorter side (aroudn 3k wrods, most of these fics are between 1.5k and 10k from what I saw), but the tags already get me worried. There will be smut - and of underaged characters to boot. This already suggests to keep the Bleepka ready.

The writing is definitely not solid on a technical level: the run-ons are horrible, and there is no clear scene switch anywhere so we have Gadget drop off Penny at school one second, and right afterwards we have Dr. Claw drop off her uncanonical daughter (yes, it's Marcella, no points for guessing) at the very same school. How no one saw anyone else is already jarring, considering Gadget and Dr. Claw are each other's nemesis and they both drive fairly distinctive vehicles, but apparently the narration went off and claimed both Brain and Dr. Claw's cat died. For... no reason? Also, this is our first big canon break - both Brain and the cat are shown to alive and well in every series, including ones set after where this trainwreck is supposed to be set (Penny's first high-school day). Claw also feels somewhat OOC - the narration does a very lazy attempt at explaining where Marcella came from , which apparently implies Claw had married at one point but simply ran off to pursue METRO CITY DOMINATION. Oh, and Marcella's mother also died so now he decided to try to care for her. Sorry, I'm not buying this. Especially since it basically conflicts with the very existance of Talon, his actual nephew fro mthe 2015 series, and Claw's very abusive treatminet of him.

And we're just two paragraphs in. You know things are bad, when pointing out flaws is longer than the actual story.

Then we have Penny being glad of staying at the dormitory instead of going home after each day - that is already dangerously OOC for her, as not only she gets along with her uncle well, but she would be horribly worried about his wellbeing if separated from his for so long! The Inspector is, as we know and love, a bumbling fool, and without Penny or Brain around he would be in trouble at the very first case. Case in point: the Gadget and Gadgetinis series, in which Penny actually built two midget-sized androids (the titular Gadgetinis) to accompany him as neither she or Brain could. Said androids are always in radio contact with her, as well. Let's see if they're mentioned anywhere - they're no longer around by the time this thing is supposed to be set, but if they are it would be an acceptable break from canon.

Let's proceed. Penny and Marcella are revealed to be roommates (of course), and Marcella flirts right away before backtracking and saying that she doesn't want to make it awkward. The writing starts falling apart after that - the run-ons reach stream-of-consciousness level and I had to re-read some of what they said twice or thrice before it started making any sense. I do get that apparently Gadget and Penny had a bit of a rough patch after Brain's death - debatable, considering in Gadget and Gadgetinis Gadget had been told that Brain died to let the latter retire and try to recover from his PTSD, with Gadget... well, not really showing any sign of a strained relationship with Penny at all. I smell half-assed setup to get Suvian and canon to relate to each other.

... Relate? I talked too soon. Penny is already falling for her, and Marcella is also revealed to be heterochromatic (great, couldn't miss the Speshul Eyes charge). The Suvian steals a kiss from Penny out of the blue within minutes of meeting the girl, and the latter of course doesn't mind. They even exist the room holding hands (do not insert "holding hands is LEWD!" meme here. This thing is already beyond my daily intake of cringe as it is).

Lazy one month timeskip, and Penny as we knew her is gone. She now shares fashion and music tastes with Marcella, go to concerts and are dating, and of course the sex scene is theirs. I, of course, decided to skip that one. The narration then continues with the reveal of their families, the two girls don't care, and eventually get married. It seems at least this one spares us the "got a canon character pregnant" part, but the fact this story's Marcella doesn't seem to be the same as the others seems to confirm that we're dealing with multiple iterations of the same Suvian.

I don't know if the other stories do go in details about the offsprings, but I'm seriously starting to think we might be dealing in-universe with a self-replicating Suvian that propagates by seducing canon characters and then impregnating them with clones of herself. That could become Emergency-level real quick.

Regardless, the level of the story I checked is Kill It With Fire. Or a stake, considering her vamipiric alternates.

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