Subject: Musings: I noticed that some of the stories are set in an original work...
Posted on: 2022-07-09 20:41:19 UTC

Suppose we just banished this literal demon back to her own universe rather than killing her? In other words, treat the stories like implausible crossovers. Or, more precisely, proper trans-dimensional hopping.

It wouldn't remove the necessity of treading lightly with any critique of the kinks as portrayed, but it would make it more plain that the message is "you're free to do what you want in your own home, but not anyone else's."

We have people well qualified to do sensitivity checks, too, if they're willing.

And there wouldn't have to be a detailed sporking of every fic. Take a few examples from representative continua, preferably featuring different versions of the character; assemble a master charge list from the individual ones; get enough agents in enough places; and do one big ol' exorcism.

... It could be done that way, anyhow. I'm on the fence with everyone else on whether it should be done. Great lore in-universe? Yes. Potentially worse optics than usual out-of-universe? Also yes.

Not that I'm especially worried about bruising this particular author's ego. It seems clear they know exactly what they're doing and don't care what anyone thinks about it, or they wouldn't be flooding AO3 with 200+ bloody fics all in the same vein. >.>


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