Subject: My opinion on this.
Posted on: 2022-07-09 19:40:40 UTC

My initial thought is, first and foremost: we don't author-bash. By sporking all/most or even some of these fics by this author, we could be accused of focusing too much on one person, bullying them, even if the work is questionable. I personally feel that, by sporking some of these fics and threading them into One Big Plot, we could be trending over into that territory, making it seem like we're picking on the author. If we spork more spread out and not just in one huge clot, maybe it'd be better.

My second thought, upon reading through the comments here, is that the work both have certain fetishes in them that are repeated and are transophobic (if I misinterpreted that, I apologize. I saw that they were explicit and noped out). As at least one person has noted, by sporking this fic in a mission, we (and the mission itself) could be seen as transophobic, despite it being the work that is. On that level, I'd say we shouldn't mission them, either, or if we do mission one of these fics, we are very careful to point out that we aren't being transophobic. Writing about a trans character in intimate relations with other characters is perfectly fine, it's just how this was pulled off seems bad.

Of course, I haven't read the fics because I don't typically read something explicit (although I have in the past) and just wasn't in the mood, so take these opinions as lesser than someone who has read the fic.


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