Subject: I glanced through the Tangled one,
Posted on: 2022-07-09 15:55:25 UTC

and in that one she's a blood elf whose excuse for getting with Cassandra (adopted daughter of the captain of the guards in the Tangled animated tv series) is that they're soulmates (cue Eledhwen rolling her eyes from New Cal). I think she might have impregnated Cassandra by the end of the fic; I was skimming very quickly through their wedding night.

But yeah it seems like a good deal of the fics have flimsy setups to get the Sue to seduce some random female canon, and then marry her, and then very dully-described, beige prose smut. That's honestly one of the things I would be very careful about if someone did want to mission this -- the, ahem, genre that Marcella falls into is one that fetishises trans women, which, when taken with context of PPC Agents viewing Suvians in general as predatory leeches on the canon.... can get hairy very fast.

So that's why I'd be very uncomfortable with missioning this series, even if there's a lot of potential for some sort of story featuring a megalomaniacal Sue with an army of clones ready to literally seed the multiverse with more clones. It has potential to be a thrilling read, but I would be very wary of how the agents describe the Sue and her actions because of the obvious fetishes that the Sue is catering to.

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